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A Cruising Trawler See the Frequently Asked Questions regarding trawlers and trawler insurance below. Contact Us for more information for trawler insurance for your boat. Go to the Trawler Quote Form for a fast insurance quote.

What does trawlers insurance cost?
Trawlers are usually are less expensive to insure compared to motor yachts in the same age and hull value range. Special attention should be taken to make sure the navigation areas needed can be included in the navigation, as they can need far more navigation areas, including named windstorm and hurricane coverage.

What kinds of trawlers do you insure?
We insure fiberglass, composite, steel, aluminum, wood trawlers and all makes of trawlers.

Where do you offer insurance coverage for trawlers?
We offer insurance coverage for trawlers for all oceans, rivers, lakes and waterways. We have long experience in covering boats and yachts in almost every country and body of water in the world. Let our experience work for you.

Trawler Tug Style Question:
What is a trawler?
Comfortable, seakindly and economic, great for adventurous cruising or just living aboard at the dock,or both.

The trawler hull evolved from working boats that were designed and built in the mid-1800's.

They took the place of many of the sailing vessels of the day as the benefit of getting back to the dock without worrying about wind direction was obvious, and beneficial financially.

Trawlers were full displacement vessels used for commercial fishing or as pilot boats and these vessels did not head to the dock when the small craft warnings went up!

Originally all trawlers had one slow turning diesel engine that was heavily built with a large fly wheel and was very frugal with diesel fuel. Many of the commercial fishing trawlers and draggers had over a 3000 mile range before they needed to refuel, many had beamy sterns that added buoyancy in a following seas, as do many of their modern counterparts.

Today, the trawler yacht has many of these characteristics, and their owners enjoy cruising on all oceans in the world.

In the modern world, we also have the choice of purchasing a fast trawler, which is a vessel usually designed with two mid horsepower diesel engines, and a semi displacement hull that will allow for faster than displacement speeds. These vessels don't usually have the range of their full displacement sisters but it is a real advantage to go faster at times, if you wish to out run a squall line for getting to a mooring location before dark.

Are special services available for trawlers?
Yes! there are services devoted to only trawlers regarding trawler boat shows, magazines, boat sales, online forums, owners associations, cruise clubs and others that can help you to learn more or enjoy more of your trawler. Go to our Trawler Resources page to get links to these valuable sources.

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